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Wednesday October 31st, 2018
Digital Leadership in Learning

Manifesting Digital Leadership in Learning

Managing successfully the organizational Learning processes in the digital age doesn’t mean that it is enough to adopt new learning technologies that looks shiny and seem easy to roll-out, but is so much more. For a learning leader to position strategically herself and the learning function in the organization need to manifest new behaviours, in the same way that all the other business leaders need to change themselves. These new behaviours (based on the Deloitte digital leaders’ behaviours matrix) are about Thinking differently, Acting differently and Reacting differently. This article will explore how these new behaviour would look for the leaders in the learning field, starting with the understanding of the opportunities and risks brought by the new technologies (in any field, not only learning), to the openness to working and facilitate working in ecosystems and even to challenging business and operations to initiate disruption or adaptation strategies.
Monday February 12th, 2018
Ulrich Boser at the Learning Technologies 2018

Learning to learn – or how to thrive as an organization in the digital age

When was the last time you have studied a foreign language? During the study, which was the most effective form of learning, where you noticed the best results? In terms of words memorized application of grammar rules or ability to have a conversation. Was it the self study, was it after a test, was it after writing a composition, after classroom, after a conversation with a native, after seeing a movie in the respective language or after a trip in the country where that language is spoken?
Friday February 2nd, 2018
Pentru ce și când facem business networking?

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

Do we want to promote the organization? Do we want to reach a big customer, to strengthen our reputation in the field, or do we want to develop professionally, to change our job, or just to make friends? So many reasons to be concerned about how to better exploit and with the desired results this method of social interaction called business networking.
Thursday January 25th, 2018
Your 9 keys to success

Your 9 keys to success

1. Stay Focused - Find a quiet environment where you can regularly get down to business and concentrate completely. Make sure nothing and nobody will distract you. 2. Keep the Rhythm - Define a regular learning rhythm that works for you. We suggest 1 unit per week and 90 minutes per week. 3. Enjoy the Flexibility - Learn anywhere, anytime!
Tuesday December 22nd, 2015
You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

The recent Christmas ad of Barnes & Noble starring the legendary Tony Bennet and in vogue Lady Gaga is titled You Never Know Who You’ll Meet. For the generations that might have not heard about him, Tony Bennett is the man Frank Sinatra once acknowledged as the king, the "real" best singer of his generation.
Thursday December 3rd, 2015
Who owns the learning

Who owns the learning? (part 2)

In my previous article I have discussed about the ownership of the learning process at the individual level of the first two main actors involved in the learning process: The learner, The educator (teacher, professor, trainer, facilitator, coach, manager, leader, mentor).
Wednesday October 28th, 2015

Who owns the learning? (part 1)

Who owns the learning? Who owns your learning, more precisely? Your learning, as a process oriented towards whatever objective you currently have. Of course, the first intention of an answer would be “I do, of course”.
Monday September 21st, 2015
7 mistakes in Training Needs Analysis

7 mistakes in Training Needs Analysis

More or less, for training managers this is business as usual scenario. This kind of approach set many times a cultural background where the corporate training managers face a subtle pressure to satisfy his corporate customer, the line manager, by taking the order from she, without making a deeper analysis in a consultative manner.
Monday February 16th, 2015
10 years of LinkedIn membership and 10 things I have learned

10 years of LinkedIn membership and 10 things I have learned

Being a curious person, in 25 January 2005 I have become one of the first 100 Romanians on LinkedIn and one of the early LinkedIn adopters. I remember that for the first two years the dynamic of membership growth among my co-nationals was almost zero. Only after Facebook penetrated and changed the social behavior.

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