Customer Care

How to understand the expectations of our customers and offer them a memorable experience?





Attention and care for the client
The CARESS model of listening to the customer
The Power of Empathy and how we use it
Understand the conversation dynamics to understand the client’s perspective


Client involvement in solution
Relationship – at the communication but also emotional level, the key to a customer experience
Using transitional phrases to check comprehension and challenge requesting needs fulfillment
Tips & Tricks for Relationship


Focus for impact through a customer-based solution
How we prepare the call to a client so that we increase our chances of success
Investigating techniques for the real needs: high value questions; questions like tactics


Reaction versus response
Buyer matrix
Customer perception and how their expectations are formed
Being accountable for the answer


Aligned with the customer perception and motivation
The power of customer perception
Customer buying reasons


To customer needs, expressed or anticipated
Customer transformations and their impact
Customer relationship support – the key to a proactive response to customer needs


  • Knowledge and application of methods to build and maintain customer relationship
  • Knowing and applying methods to investigate and identify customer needs
  • Strengthening empathic and showing interest to the customer skills as well as customer responsiveness


The course is centered on raising awareness of own behavior and experiential learning.

An important component is the motivation of participants to apply the learned principles.

The impact of the course can be assessed using specific measurement tools.


  • Flipchart and video projector presentations
  • Case studies, Interactive exercises
  • Teamwork, Reflections, Role Playing Games
  • Movies, Motivational Stories
  • Brainstorming


Duration: 2 days (8h / day) – including breaks / 6-15 participants

Target group: All departments that have direct and frequent contact with customers

Participants will receive specific work tools (hands-outs, worksheets, guides etc.)