Digital Leadership Program

A leadership program that reveals and incorporates digital understanding as a key success factor for all business leaders

Do you have what it takes to lead in the digital age?

Do you feel equipped with the leadership skills needed to succeed in this new era?



The DIGITAL LEADERSHIP Program provides you with the tools that develop the skills and competences you need to be able to make a difference in an age of perpetual and disruptive transformations changes.

The program has a practical learning approach, supported by theory and application on real situations.

Participant’s profile

You are an executive in charge of other people’s management and you need guidance in developing effective leadership skills in the digital age.

You are involved in managing digital business transformation in your organization or looking to take on a digitally-oriented new role.

The benefits of the program

Expanding and structuring the digital understanding of business leaders to value the new opportunities offered by technology

The ability to apply practically the new skills and competencies required for leadership in disruptive environments

Understand how teams collaborate and are built using new technologies

Finalizing the program with a personal map of digital leadership journey

Digital Leadership Program

Value in the digital age

Understanding the changing technological landscape and the necessity to act

Following this module, you will have:

  • Identified the changes made by the digital revolution in your market, the threats and the associated opportunities that they create for your organizational context.
  • Identified and articulated the priorities for digital transformation for your organization.
  • Understood the impact of the digital age on your leadership role

People & ecosystems

Using technology by organizations to work more efficiently and create a competitive edge. Following this module you will be:

  • Identified ways to increase collaboration and communication across your team and your organization by using digital technology, including social media
  • Identified the opportunities to use digital technologies to create more effective ways to work within your organization, internally and externally
  • Understood the need and the design of business models based on ecosystems and harnessing networks

Customers & Data

Understanding your customers’ perspective to determine who you should be for them and what you need to change.

Following this module you will have:

  • Established a client-centered strategy for your organizational context
  • Identified and applied tools and techniques to form an enriched customer understanding
  • Collected and analyzed data to develop a perspective for improving business performance and customer experience

Innovation & Agility

How to innovate continuously to keep up with customers and the ever-changing market

Following this module you will have learnt how to:

  • Develop innovation and experimentation strategies in response to the changing nature of competitive advantage.
  • Implement digital methods for continuous innovations based on iterations and constant awareness of your customers’ needs and contexts.
  • Apply the relevant agile principles within an iterative development approach.

Digital Transformation

How to overcome the challenges of organizational structure and current culture

Following this module you will have learnt how to:

  • Identify ways to create the organizational culture you need to make digital changes.
  • Identify ways to address digital competence gaps to allow for continuous change.
  • Develop an action plan to build energy and motivation for digital change.
Digital Leadership Program