Our consulting solutions offer customers a holistic approach to the business needs.

Actual problems can vary from launching a new product, improving sales channels to developing leaders.

Evaluating of the Learning Process and Defining the Learning Strategy

Analyze of all organizational learning and training processes, develop cost-benefit-based solutions whose implementation will help achieve the organizational strategic goals.

Defining the organization’s Human Resources strategy

Identifying Human Resources policies and practices suited to support the organization’s long-term goals. The Human Resources Strategy integrates staff training and development policies.

Optimizing Human Resources processes

Diagnosis of the way in which specific human resources processes take place in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Evaluating and optimal design of Knowledge Management (KM) processes

Ensuring an effective knowledge management system that supports real-time knowledge and expertise needs of members of the organization.

Organizational development

Designing a strategy for organizational change and implementing change management programs to achieve long-term goals.

Specific solutions include:

  • Designing and development of the annual organizational training plan
  • Designing professional training and individual development plans
  • Elaborating the organizational learning strategy and aligning it to the business strategy
  • Developing and implementing programs to identify and develop High Potential leadership and / or Talent management
  • Design and implementation of Knowledge Management programs and initiatives
  • Strategic planning and training for organizational initiatives
  • Aligning employee training and development goals with strategic business objectives
  • Marketing and internal and / or external communications to facilitate successful implementation of learning programs and organizational change
  • Design and development of standards for reporting, measuring and monitoring value that bring value to the organization
  • Developing Sales Manuals for the sales force
  • Developing education programs for your customers and your sales partners