A scalable, high-impact, app-driven learning platform

The new learning ecosystem for today’s workforce.

By utilising the latest technology standards, our users can ensure they have a fully interoperable learning platform that can grow and adapt with the changing needs of the business.

Learning Analytics

Detailed information on student activity throughout the ecosystem. Including analytics on formal progress, activity in social networks, badges obtained, etc…

Multi-Device Access

Fully responsive and accessible from any browser, learningCloud is also available on a native app for iOS and Android devices.

Fully Interoperable with your HR Tools

Can connect to your LDAP, ERP or CRM systems to manage all types of user data, courses and reports.

learningCloud apps


Make learning fun, sticky and work with this gamified learning experience app.

Social learning

Create a vibrant learning community to enable your employees to discuss, share and connect. develop informal learning strategies in your organisation.

LMS pack

Multi-channel LMS compatible with SCORM and xAPI. Manage all courses and get detailed tracking reports.

Content authoring

Intuitive and easy-to-use authoring tool that makes it simple to create audio, video and animation content with no programming knowledge. We can train you, or do it for you.


learningPlay is an effective Gamification Platform that not only allows to gamify your content, but also ensures efficacy of this gamification.
It’s not just about adding badges and leader boards. learningPlay utilises cutting-edge game-based mechanics to ensure maximum learner engagement.


In learningPlay, you deliver content using Sprints, which are gamified learning campaigns with a set of learning activities. Just set the start and end dates, enrol users and launch the Sprint.
It’s that easy!
The enrolled students will see the Sprints they are registered in immediately on the platform. They will be able to take these Sprints from the assigned Start Date and must complete them before the End Date.

Spaced Learning Mechanism

The spaced learning mechanism has a “Forgetting Curve” algorithm which recommends you to launch quizzes within specific timed intervals. learningPlay never lets you forget what you have learned.