Friday February 2nd, 2018
Pentru ce și când facem business networking?

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

Do we want to promote the organization? Do we want to reach a big customer, to strengthen our reputation in the field, or do we want to develop professionally, to change our job, or just to make friends? So many reasons to be concerned about how to better exploit and with the desired results this method of social interaction called business networking.
Thursday January 25th, 2018
Your 9 keys to success

Your 9 keys to success

1. Stay Focused - Find a quiet environment where you can regularly get down to business and concentrate completely. Make sure nothing and nobody will distract you. 2. Keep the Rhythm - Define a regular learning rhythm that works for you. We suggest 1 unit per week and 90 minutes per week. 3. Enjoy the Flexibility - Learn anywhere, anytime!