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Your 9 keys to success

Your 9 keys to success

1. Stay Focused

Find a quiet environment where you can regularly get down to business and concentrate completely. Make sure nothing and nobody will distract you.

2. Keep the Rhythm

Define a regular learning rhythm that works for you. We suggest 1 unit per week and 90 minutes per week.

3. Enjoy the Flexibility

Learn anywhere, anytime!

And on any device – on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

4. Set Priorities

Work on “My exercises” first. Then practice with live communication training. Check out the individual resources: Community, Video, Business, etc.

5. Keep Up-To-Date

Check out your progress bar. Follow your trainer’s guidance. Work ahead or catch up after busy weeks or holidays.

6. Book Your Training

Book 1 communication session per week. You can book up to 30 minutes in advance. If you really can’t make it, cancel up to 4 hours in advance.

7. Stick to It

Be proactive in your learning! You’re in charge! This course will require your time and focus,
but it will be fun, and the rewards will be great!

8. Stay Motivated

Always keep your goals and reasons for learning in mind!

Remind yourself why you’re doing this!

9. Be Positive

The language course is not a test; our concept is learning by doing. You can always repeat exercises until you feel that you’ve mastered the content.

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