Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Business and Leading Change

Workout sessions Program for managers

Leading SELF

Develop Yourself

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Build resilience and resourcefulness
  • Keep learning
  • Keep connecting

Your strategy

  • Think strategically
  • Take responsibility and be decisive
  • Lead from „me” to „we”: Define the past, present, and future
  • Create shared purpose and a compelling vision

„Monkey Management”

  • Your management style and monkeys
  • What is a ‘monkey’?
  • Where your management time goes
  • The 4 rules of monkey management
  • Monkey spotting – becoming savvy

Leading OTHERS

How Effective is My Team?

  • Team effectiveness profile (pre-work activity)
  • The 4 critical areas for all teams
  • How we’re doing – strengths and limitations?
  • Overcoming team blockages
  • Agreeing practical team actions

Talents Retention

  • Why retention matters?
  • Why people stay
  • Why people leave
  • General strategies for retention
  • The role of work-life balance

Building Your Team

  • So what makes a great team?
  • P.E.R.F.O.R.M. – characteristics in all top teams
  • Impact of team dynamics
  • Team roles and the teamwork cycle
  • The 7C’s for all team leaders

Motivating your team

  • The last 10 days – motivation and you
  • Your motivation formula?
  • Key motivators at work
  • 6 principles for motivating others
  • Applying the principles to your team

90 minutes Teambuilding techniques (facilitated by the manager)

  • Team matrix – our qualities (pre-work activity)
  • Team activities – how we work together?
  • Traffic lights – good, okay, not so good?
  • Feedback and review
  • Next steps – team action plan


Managing Performance

  • Performance – what good looks like?
  • The skill-will matrix
  • 4 reasons for under-performance
  • How to raise the performance issue
  • The ‘set-up-to-fail’ syndrome

Planning and Organising

  • Key steps for efficient planning
  • Useful planning tools and techniques
  • Using the monitoring tools
  • Planning sales management exercise

Delegate with confidence

  • Benefits of delegating
  • Warning signs
  • Guidelines for effective delegation
  • Approaches to delegation
  • Preparing to delegate
  • Control, Monitoring and feed-back

Coaching and appreciation

  • Improving results through feed-back
  • Coaching for performance
  • Motivating employees
  • Active listening
  • Roles clarification
  • Adapting your style

Handling employees problems

  • Motivating or firing
  • Feed-back principles
  • Feed-back approach
  • Handling non-performers
  • When everything failed, how you communicate firing

Managing Meetings

  • The meetings you’re involved in
  • Planning and keeping effective meetings
  • Common meeting mistakes in organizing a meeting
  • Using communication ante & post meeting

The Organized Manager

  • The demands on your management time
  • Assessment – how organized are you?
  • 4 types of manager: focus/energy matrix
  • Strengthening your current approach
  • Techniques for success

Leading CHANGE

How you become a leader

  • The challenge of contemporary leadership in VUCA environment
  • Characteristics of efficient leaders
  • The tensions leaders must balance
  • Building a vision that others will follow
  • How to be a change agent

How to offer and receive feedback

  • Overview of the feedback process
  • Observing the behavior of the employee
  • Delivering the critical feed-back
  • Handling negative reactions
  • Empathy and availability
  • Managing feed-back for difficult types of personality
  • Obtaining the change commitment
  • Reenergizing the action through appreciative feed-back
  • The coach – manager feed-back model

Managing crisis

  • What is crisis?
  • Avoiding the crisis
  • Preparing to manage the crisis
  • Containing the crisis
  • Resolving the crisis
  • Learning from the crisis