Customer Engagement

How do we anticipate what, where and how do customers want our services to be offered?

“Inside of every old customer is a new customer waiting to break out and spend more money with you.”

Murray Raphel



Customer engagement – the secret of loyalty

Why do the customers come to us?
Why customers want to leave?
Empathy Map
Involving client in solution

Value for Client

Focus for impact through solution based on value perceived by the customer
How we identify and harness what represent value for a client; Opportunities Map
How to prepare the call to a client so that we increase our chances of success
Tips & Tricks for linking and investigating the value perceived by the client

Creating & Maintaining relationships

Relationship – at the communication but also emotional level, the key to an experience for the client that leads him to buy or remain loyal
Understand the conversation dynamics to understand the client’s perspective
Investigating techniques for the real needs: high value questions; questions like tactics


Follow-up and written communication – how to exploit these opportunities to create a WOW experience for customers that lead to customer retention
Using transitional phrases to check comprehension and challenge requesting needs fulfillment Changing the focus from pricing to consulting


  • Raising awareness and understanding of the need to apply customer engagement methods
  • Describing the customer engagement process within the customer experience
  • Knowledge transfer and application of customer engagement techniques


The training intervention is fully personalized and structured in an effective learning approach applied to real-life situations, similar to those faced by the participants in daily activity.

Thus, the ENGAGE solution consists of an intensive workshop session, using accelerated development techniques, group coaching, practical application of transferred skills, team exercises and feed-back.


  • Flipchart and video projector presentations
  • Case studies, Interactive exercises
  • Teamwork, Reflections, Role Playing Games
  • Movies, Motivational Stories
  • Brainstorming


Duration: 1 day (8h / day) – including breaks / 6-15 participants

Target group: sales teams, front-office staff, relationship managers, all persons involved in the sale of products / services

Participants will receive specific work tools (hands-outs, worksheets, guides etc.)